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Lower Taxes, Effective Police, Control Spending.

Hi Neighbor!


Me Too! That's why I'm running for Dallas City Council.

I am not a career politician.  I bring fresh eyes and a skeptical mind to the problems of the city.  I am qualified by education and experience to understand the city’s problems.  I am a cost cutter by nature.

Our taxes are a third higher than Houston and San Antonio..  Our murder rates have doubled in the last six years.  The homeless problem grows every year.  I want to fix those problems.  My ideas are different from the usual solutions that cost more money and are not working.  Visit the Issues page to see what I have in mind.  If you like what you see,  vote for Mac Smith for City Council, District 13.  If you have questions or ideas, email me.  Don’t forget to tell your friends. 


-Mac Smith


Get Involved & Show Your Support

Make a Difference in Dallas!

When we work together, magic happens. Find out how you can get involved and start making a difference. Your support is important and valuable to Mac Smith. There are many ways to participate in his political efforts to enforce change. Whether you would like to volunteer your time, or make a monetary donation, every little bit that you dedicate helps tremendously.

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